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If you’d like to schedule reports to be sent to you or others, you can use the job reporting system. This will allow you to create custom jobs that when completed, will e-mail you a link to download the particular data that you’ve requested. Using this type of reporting system allows much more flexibility in exporting analytics data from the platform.

At the Reports main page you can view all the report jobs already created. The Job Name, Report Type, Next Runtime are listed. To the right there are buttons to  Edit, Disable, or Delete the Job as well as view the Log for the Job.

To create a new Job press the blue “Add Report Jobs” button in the top right of the page.

  • Report Job Name: Assign the Job a name.
  • Status: Enable/Disable the Job.
  • Recurring: Select if the report should repeat.
  • Schedule: Select a date and time for the report to run.
  • Report Type:
    1. Hotspot Summary Report
    2. Presence Report
    3. Hotspot Statistics Report
    4. Traffic Report
    5. Device Data Report
  • Report Parameters: Select the client the reports should be generated from.
  • Timeframe Parameters: Select the timezone, month, and year desired for the report.
  • Email Recipients: Select which users should receive the email containing this report.

    If an operator user is creating the job and sets a parameter that limits the job to a client, only client users from that client will be able to receive the report.

  • Notes: Leave any administrative notes here.

Note: All job times will be based on the operator time zone.

Every time a job is run, a log will be created. From the Report Job Log you can view the ID and date the job was created. The current status of the job is available as well as any additional information generated from the report.
If the report is still available a button to the exportable data will be available from the blue Link button.

Updated on November 18, 2019

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