Nodes are the physical devices that are reporting to the Analytics4WiFi Dashboard. Adding a node will enable the presence data to be received by the Analytics4WiFi platform. If the node is not entered then no presence data will be collected by the platform. Each node requires a unique MAC address. You will need to know the MAC addresses for ALL of the nodes reporting in. Please check with your specific manufacturer to obtain the correct MAC addresses.

‘Import Nodes’ button. This button will open an import tool where you can download an Excel template where you can fill in the node information for a mass import. This is useful when you have a Hotspot with MANY nodes to import into the Analytics4WiFi platform.

‘Add Node’ button. This button will open a form so you can enter node information and associate the note with a Hotspot.

‘Edit’ node button. Will allow you to edit an existing node that is in the Analytics4WiFi platform.

‘Delete’ node button. Will allow you delete a node from the Analytics4WiFi platform. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you delete a node, ALL data in the platform will be deleted permanently and is NOT retrievable.

Updated on December 21, 2018

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