Heatmap Functionality

Heatmap Underlying Metrics:

The heatmaps are calculating using two metrics:
(a) The number of devices that were detected between each hour.
(b) Device density: The number of devices each node has seen relative to other nodes. A node with more devices detected than others will be more “red” to indicate a higher density of activity.

Period: The date you want to view.
Interval: The heatmap displays data in one hour intervals.
Show only Visitors: Toggle to control if all devices should be counted or only visitors.
Heatmap Radius: Slider to control the radius of the heatmap. Adjust to accommodate the size of your map.
Node Info: Toggle to control individual node information that will be displayed above each node on the heatmap.

Colors in the heatmap:

Red = highest density of devices seen
Green = lowest density of devices seen

The colors in the map represent the density based on the color size (the bigger the color wheel the more densely populated it is). Red being the most densely populated area, See below representation





Updated on August 8, 2022

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