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  6. Configuring a Meraki Network to report to Analytics4WiFi

Configuring a Meraki Network to report to Analytics4WiFi

Make sure an node has been added to the Analytics4WiFi dashboard hotspot for each of your Meraki AP MACs.
Create a Hotspot
Add a Node

This document is a guideline for configuring your Meraki device to interface with the Analytics4WiFi Platform.

For Operators

Navigate to the Edit Hotspot page and scroll down to the Meraki Webhooks section. You need to supply the client with the generated Meraki Get/Post server and a Meraki secret that you can set.

From the Client’s Meraki dashboard you need to collect and enter into the dashboard the Meraki Validator Key.

Configuring Meraki Network

You will be provided a POST URL and a secret to use during the configuration steps below. You will need to record and submit to support the Meraki Validation key after completing the configuration before your Nodes will report as online in the dashboard. If you did not receive the POST URL & secret please contact support before attempting the steps below.

  1. Login to the Meraki portal
  2. Select the correct network
  3. Hover over Network-Wide and Click on General
  4. Scroll down to “Location and scanning”
  5. Enable Analytics
  6. Enable Scanning API
  7. Copy the ‘Validator’ value and paste it into a word file.
    This is the value that must be submitted to support to complete the configuration.
  8. For the POST URL and secret use the values provided
  9. Click the save button in the bottom right.
  10. Contact support and provide the ‘Validator’ key collected in step 7.

Notes:  Please review this Cisco article for additional troubleshooting.


Footfall Configuration Process

Note Make sure to add an address. Navigate to wireless and select Access Points and populate an address

1. Navigate to Wireless and select Map & Floor Plans
2. On the map click the layers icon and select Satellite (need image)
3. Click on the blue “Add a New Floor Plan” button and the following pop up will appear (need image)

4. Name the node appropriately
5. Location – type in the corresponding address
6. Upload an image of your floor plan and click next

Note this is what your map will look like after uploading the floor plan image

7. Scale the image by resizing the image over the building on the map

8. Click “Save floor plan and place device”

9. Place AP on the floor plan map, follow the steps below.

a. Click the image of the floor plan, and you will see the selected appear in blue under the floor plan

 b. click on the gray button titled Place devices on your floor plan

c. on the next page in the right hand column click the checkbox next to the radio you want to add, a green marker will appear on the map and you can move the green marker at will.

d. After placing the AP in the desired, click the Save Device Placements button

10. You will see something like the floor plan image below after completing this process


Updated on November 4, 2020
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