Configure MIST Devices for Analytics

This guide assumes your Mist access points are already adopted to a site and placed on MAP Floorplans in the Mist dashboard.

Part 1 – Create A Mist API Key
If you already have a Mist API key you may proceed to Part 2.

1. Login to your Mist portal.
2. In your web browser, open a new tab and go to this link :
3. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the blue Post button.

After you click the Post button the following information will populate in the script section. You will need this specific key for every Mist node onsite. Additionally, you will need to create a node in the Analytics 4 WiFi dashboard as well.

Mist only provides this specific API Key ONCE and you will not be able to recover it. The API Key is necessary for completing the configuration in the Analytics4WiFi platform.
Make sure to document this API Key somewhere.

If this API key is lost, you can create a new one. Please keep in mind that you will need to update the key on every node in the Analytics4WiFi dashboard as well as any other platforms that were utilizing the previous key.

Part 2 – Record Site and Map IDs

    1. In your Mist portal, use the navigation bar to the left to select Location > Live View.
    2. Select the floor plan containing the APs you would like to add to the Analytics4WiFi platform.
    3. With the floor plan open, you now need to collect the MAP ID.
    4. Looking at the URL of the page, copy the alphanumeric numbers from the URL out of the location exampled below for the Site and Map ID.
      Example: #!cliLocation/View/[MAP ID]/[SITE ID]In the image above the Map ID starts with ‘c4939’ and ends with ‘2b44c’
      In the image above the Site ID starts with ’42b8′ and ends with ‘af7e’

      • The Site ID will be the same for all Maps.
      • If you’re using multiple maps, repeat steps 2 through 4 recording the MAP ID for the APs on it that you want to add to the Analytics4WiFi platform.
If you are a client of the Analytics4WiFi platform please disregard Part 3 and send the API Key, Site ID, AP MAC and corresponding Map ID into support.

Part 3 – Create Nodes

  1. Login to the Analytics4WiFi dashboard.
  2. Use the navigation panel to the left to select Network > Nodes.
  3. Add a Node for each AP intended for use within the platform. Give each node a name and use the Mist AP MAC as well as the Mist API Key generated in Part 1 and the Mist MAP ID collected in Part 2 to fill the required fields. You can also use the Import Node feature to import a batch of Mist APs at once while configuring the MAP ID for each.
  4. Edit the hotspot and add the Mist Site ID to the settings for the hotspot.

This guide is for configuring a Mist site to the Analytics4WiFi platform. Please make sure your Mist has been configured to reach the Internet before completing this guide.

Disclaimer on hardware configuration guides in the KB:

This equipment has been integrated and tested in our labs with the Analytics4WiFi using the firmware versions below.

Mist Version 0.3.14945

LIMITED HARDWARE SUPPORT: Hardware manufacturers frequently make changes to firmware, controllers and GUI’s. The information below may be out of date or images may be different and is to be used as a general reference guide. We do offer additional limited support to help with trouble-shooting and we highly recommend that you have a hardware support agreement and/or access to a hardware support engineering representative from the manufacturer.

Updated on June 29, 2020

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