Configure Aerohive Devices for Analytics

This guide assumes that your Aerohive access points have already been deployed in your venue, adopted to the ExtremeCloud IQ controller, and assigned to a floorplan.

Step 1: Enable Presence Analytics on the Network Policy

  1. Login to the Extreme Cloud IQ dashboard and use the navigation bar on top to select Configure > Network Policies.
  2. Click the Edit Icon next to the Network Policy you would like to enable Presence Analytics on.
  3. Using the navigation bar for the Network Policy, select the ‘Additional Settings’ tab.
  4. On the menu list to the left, select Presence Analytics, configure to the following settings and leave the rest at their default values.
      • Enable Presence Analytics: ON
      • Trap Interval: 15
  5. Save the policy and preform a delta upload to the desired access points.

Step 2: Creating an Aerohive App

  1. Go to and create an account or sign in.
  2. After signing in, on the developer account page, click ‘Create new application’.
  3. Give the application a generic name and description.
  4. The application page will be displayed once created.
    Copy the Client ID.

Step 3: Creating API Token and Management

  1. Log into the Extreme Cloud IQ dashboard, using the nav bar on the top right to select ‘Global Settings’

  2. Using the navigation bar on the left, select ‘API Token Management’.
  3. Click the + icon to generate a new token. Configure to the settings below:
    • Client ID: Paste the Client ID collected in step 2.4.
    • Expiration Settings: Time from Enrollment- Select 1 year or more if your plan is longer.
  4. Copy and save the Access Token that is generated, take note to remove the Client ID collected in step 2.4 from the end of the Access Token.
  5. Using the navigation bar on the left, select ‘API Data Management’.
  6. Click the + icon to generate a new API. Configure to the settings below:
    • Post URL:
    • Access Token: Paste the Access Token collected in step 2.8.
    • Message Type: Client Centric
    • Enable: Checked
If you are a client of the Analytics4WiFi platform please disregard Part 3 and send the Access Token and AP MAC into support.

Step 4 – Create nodes and configure hotspot

  1. Login to the Analytics4WiFi dashboard.
  2. Use the navigation panel to the left to select Network > Nodes.
  3. Add a Node for each AP intended for use within the platform to the correct hotspot.
  4. Open the Edit Hotspot page for the correct hotspot and paste the Access Token collected in step 3.4 to the ‘Aerohive Access Token’ field.


Disclaimer on hardware configuration guides in the KB:

This equipment has been integrated and tested in our labs with the Analytics4WiFi platform using the firmware versions below.

Hive OS 8.3r2

LIMITED HARDWARE SUPPORT: Hardware manufacturers frequently make changes to firmware, controllers and GUI’s. The information below may be out of date or images may be different and is to be used as a general reference guide. We do offer additional limited support to help with trouble-shooting and we highly recommend that you have a hardware support agreement and/or access to a hardware support engineering representative from the manufacturer.

Updated on November 2, 2020

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