Add a Node

To add a Node to a Hotspot Network, simply go to the ‘Add Node’ form. Click Hotspot>Nodes>Add a Node

You will then add the node by filling in the specific information about the node:

“Hotspot” selector. Choose the Hotspot that this node is associated with.

“Node Type”. Choose the brand of Node/Access Point/Gateway.

“Name” Name the node anything you;d like for easy reference (We recommend you name it the same as you do in Cloudtrax or simply name it the MAC address.

“MAC Address”. Please enter the full MAC Address of the node you;re adding.

“Notes”. If you;d like to add some notes about this node you can enter it in this field, or simply leave blank.

Once this is filled out, click submit. As long as your node is sending data to our servers, you should start seeing data to be populated after about an hour.

Updated on February 1, 2019
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